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Yahminah, YMC or Dr McIntosh as she is affectionately called, is an authentic and auspicious spirit who is a descendent of Bahamian and Dominican heritage. She is a Mother, Author, Life Strategist, Healer, Business and Brand Creator, Spiritual Advisor, Mentor, Trusted Accountability Partner, Lupus Warrior, Cancer Survivor, Domestic Violence and Abuse Survivor, Former Advocacy-Athlete, Artist, Writer and Poet. She is also Owner of ThinkBOXER LLC a Life, Business and Brand Strategy Firm. She is also a Crisis Management and Risk Mitigation Consultant, Investigator.

Yahminah’s dedicated work revolves around a righteous and resolute certainty that carves out an inspirational and spiritual space that speaks to healing, growth, transformation, enlightenment, nurturing and igniting the fire of the soul! She uses her voice and energy as a social producer of creative change and is Universally acknowledged as “The Navigator” and “Cultivator” of deep and expansive thought. As an accomplished speaker and writer, Yahminah’s mission explores with depth, conviction, and wisdom, the power in transforming the diverse lives of all people. Her reach spans from a faith directed journey of a woman who has woven experiences that speak to the ultimate reach of self- development and empowerment.

Discovering strength in the company of an ever expanding cadre of inspired souls across the world, Yahminah credits her vision, drive and inspiration to the voices of those before her and the Character Building Experiences that have helped shaped her. 

Her hope is to continue doing even greater work as she fulfills her purpose of inspiring others to Go Higher and showing gratitude in the journey of her life.

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