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"The moment you feel like

giving up, is the moment

you decide to keep on going"

Yahminah McIntosh


The Resurgence

...After over three years here I am... My life before becoming unplugged was filled with busy schedules, a lot of traveling, speaking engagements, training, marathons, events, tons of strategy sessions, long days, mothering and so on. Boy was my cape heavy! For a time I believed that there was nothing that I could have gone through in my past that could have prepared me for what I was going through, but I learned that "nothing you ever go through will ever be wasted." YMC.  The truth is I hurt, I bleed, I cry, I get angry, I have flaws and I am human...but not only human. I am a woman with a vision on a mission to make a difference within herself first and then the world.

When I decided to go away for a time and unplug from everything, I had no idea that I was about to face the hardest most traumatic experiences I have in my life. Now as I look back over what I affectionately call the "Category 7" of my life, I smile with tears in my eyes. To be honest although I had hope and faith when my storms started wasn't until I laid face down in my personal valley that I was introduced to sanguinity and fierce faith in the depth of the soul that I once believed was breaking. I made a commitment to myself that once I was able to write again, type again, see clear enough and be well enough to speak again...that I would live a full and colorful life. Dying on E sounded good in theory, but LIVING a FULL life and Dying on E was what I was going to do.

I vowed to move forward and share my stories and experiences with others while finding peace and hope in the belly of my own new found joy. I knew in my soul that I was not here for just myself but to empower, encourage and inspire others to LIVE. The revelation didn't come without a mission, one of which forces me to leap far beyond my comfort zone and do some things that I've never done before. 

While away and suffering the debilitating affects of having Systemic Lupus and Fibromyalgia I decided to start vlogging to share my story and pieces of my life during that time until I no longer could. It was my intention for the videos to be raw and to capture me in my most vulnerable state while going through the Vicissitudes of life. My prayer is that what I share moves or blesses you in some way as I welcome you behind the scenes in the stages of my life.



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