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Yahminah McIntosh

Healing  Restoration  Empowerment  Transformation

Founder, Domestic Violence Survior, Life Strategist and Coach, Motivational Speaker
Your story is one of your most powerful assets and in many cases IT can hold you captive until you release IT... Each of us has a journey that takes us from mountain to valley, ocean to desert and over many bridges burned and broken. These experiences eventually lead us to the Cocoons that help foster growth, healing and transformation, affording us opportunities to heal and become whole again. As a Domestic Violence Survivor, like many, I've gone through some very difficult things that caused waves of trauma toravage my life. It wasn't until I became aware of how I was affected, that I became intentional about my healing, self -development and growth. While going through this process, I was able to turn the page in my life and no longer be stuck on "the chorus" of my story but finally able to change the way the story affected me, which made way for a new narrative to be born. It is my intention to be an Empowering Force and Positive Light unto others as I move through the world.
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"Nothing you've been through will ever be wasted...embrace the journey."



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A Sacred Space for Healing, Growth and Transformational Wellness

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If you or someone you know is experiencing Domestic Violence or Abuse please visit The Domestic Violence Hotline that provides 24/7 confidential support and resources.

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