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Event Planner

The duties and responsibilities of the Event Planner require the ability to communicate well with venues and all parties related to the planning and executing of events. Event planners must pay careful attention to detail using information from several sources to plan a successful event. Other Event Planner responsibilities include:

  • Creating an Event and Project Plan for events

  • Listening attentively to client's requests and keeping records of these requests

  • Managing and budgeting event related finances

  • Selecting an appropriate venue suitable for the type of event

  • Having good knowledge of geographic locations and their main attractions

  • Organizing and coordinating all necessary items for event in advance

  • Coordinating food, entertainment and concierge services when needed

  • Works closely with other departments to ensure successful events

  • Attending and monitoring activities to ensure client satisfaction

  • Create and Manage event projections and closely watching budgets 

  • Reviewing and approving or denying related subcontractor bids and proposals 

  • Possible additional responsibilities required

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