Spiritual Pieces

Devotional reflections for creating, sustaining and maintaining peace in every day life

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"Words in Synch"


"Be exactly who it is

that you believe

God designed

you to be"

The only way I can get up everyday and push forward is because I believe

that my life has a purpose. The reason why I got up after being knocked down time after time, is because I know that regardless what it looks like and feels like that I have something so powerful inside of me that only something greater than me could have created. I go because I must, I believe because I can't deny the power of GOD over my life.


For every mountain and valley you've gone through

For every storm you have weathered and tribulation you've endured

For every experience that has brought you to your knees forcing you to wipe your wounds with tears...It was all ordained. My prayer is that you always see yourself beyond your circumstances. I pray that you never forget that you were made with a purpose and are destined for greatness. And remember that everything around you can only temporarily affect you but it will NEVER break you. To God Be the GLORY!