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Author, Life Strategist, Inspirational Speaker, Brand Strategist, Poet,
Resilience Coach, Writer, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Mother, Lupus Warrior, Cancer Survivor, Autism Advocate, Domestic Violence and Abuse Survivor

About YMC

Yahminah McIntosh is an authentic and auspicious spirit who is a descendent of Bahamian and Dominican heritage. She is a Mother, Life Strategist and Coach, Author, Brand Strategist, Former Advocacy-Athlete and Poet. She is a Beautiful Soul who defiantly challenges the status quo and whose outspokenness, in her writing, lectures and performances, has brought the eyes of the world upon her.  She believes that, "When you harness the power within, that you’re destined to WIN”! 


Considered a writer’s perfect sparring partner whose varied writings punctuate the beating heart. Her contributions to the literary and spoken word community have allowed her to focus on development and growth. A sought after motivational speaker, host, life coach, spiritual advisor and strategist, Yahminah maintains that her faith and character building experiences are what keep her moving forward and motivated to master herself in every way possible.


Yahminah ‘s work speaks from the exterior to the interior by focusing on under developed strengths that we strive to make complete. Universally acknowledged as a cultivator of deep and expansive thought, her following has extended as far as Europe, Africa and the Caribbean, underscoring her dynamic impact and international reach. These journeys have given Dr. McIntosh, as she is affectionately known, a unique perspective to a diverse and multi-ethnic audience that continues to grow. Yahminah’s dedicated work revolves around a righteous and resolute certainty that carves out an inspirational and spiritual space that speaks to healing, growth, transformation, enlightenment, nurturing and igniting the fire of the soul! Celebrated for her rhythmic and thematic compositions that enter the soul long after the discourse has laid its imprint into the remembrance of captive audiences, Yahminah McIntosh will be enmeshed in the memory of your spirit..  


Known as a divine expressionist of deep thought who is able to create images with unique imagery and vibrancy, Yahminah uses her voice as a social producer of creative change. As an accomplished speaker and writer, Yahminah’s mission explores with depth , conviction, and wisdom the regaining of love’s truth and power in transforming the diverse lives of women. Her reach spans from a faith directed journey of a woman who has woven experiences that speak to the ultimate reach of self- development and empowerment. Her hope is to continue to transform lives as she fulfills her works of inspiration and gratitude in the journey of her life. Many of her writings point to living in the daily struggle of loving oneself and searching deeply to discover the light of living more positively and productively. 

Discovering strength in the company of an ever expanding cadre of inspired women across the United States, Yahminah credits her vision and inspiration to the voices of those before her and those expressing their afflictions at any given moment allowing her to write eloquently with spirit, center and passion.


Stretching her artistic talents in the area of visual performative arts, Yahminah has composed a trilogy of plays that focus on characters rooted in conflict. “Awesome Wonder” takes an in-depth look into the lives of families raising children impaired with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The story is focused on two families who create loving support systems in hopes of extracting the excellence, transcendence and assertion of humanity for their children.


“Naomi’s Secret” The journey of Ruth in the biblical narrative is a story that runs parallel to many women today who undertake daily challenges by embracing the initiative to create solutions thru the wisdom and guidance of esteemed matriarchs who lead them to their rightful place of salvation and restoration. “Naomi’s Secret “ is a modern day chronicle of the “childlessness and hunger” that is played out in the diverse lives of women who gain healing thru conversation that encourages transformation and a new identity of self. This performance piece speaks to liberation thru God’s plan of action in discovering our growth and maturation.  


“Rainbows in the Midst” is the anchor of the trilogy that embarks on the seemingly unrelated lives of five women who experience the life cycle of tragedy, reconciliation and redemption. This play highlights the beauty of the human spirit and the power of unity in the face of mounting insurmountable odds by acknowledging the importance of self-worth reaching for a more complete and working faith.  


Yahminah is the founder of "The No More Chains: Survivor's Journey" Annual citywide 3 day 100 mile walk/ run to raise awareness about Domestic Violence and Abuse and to raise funds for individuals affected by Domestic Violence and Abuse.  


Yahminah is founder of "The Run to Overcome" Annual 3 day 100 mile walk/ run to raise awareness about Autism, and to raise funds to meet the Health, Wellness, Nutrition and Fitness needs of families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders.  


She is founder of The LoveRIGHT Movement. This movement birthed out of the desire to help individuals build healthy relationships, strengthen bonds, cultivate growth and heal. The LoveRIGHT movement began as a Domestic Violence prevention tool, and has since blossomed into a movement with a mission to help strengthen, mend and improve all relational bonds. The annual walk/ run is done throughout the city of Milwaukee and surrounding areas and will soon, expand into other cities across the nation. During this walk individuals are given information on the mission and vision of The LoveRIGHT movement and asked if they would like to take, "The LoveRIGHT' Pledge and sign the petition.


Yahminah’s dedication and reach truly has no boundaries in her capacity to touch and impact those she embraces. To address the imperatives that prompt action and resolution, she has positioned herself to the forefront of community activism as supported by her ongoing leadership and commitment in virtually every aspect of personal progress and development. Her flagship organization P.H.A.M.L.I. is an organization of mobility and progression that seeks to provide the inner tools vital to our personal evolutions. P.H.A.M.I. is an acronym for People Having A Mutual Love for Inspiration whose soul/sole purpose is to reclaim the spirit thru holistic and positive action and activity in our daily creative life.  

Words to Live By...


Yahminah McIntosh is truly a modern day pioneer in her reach for a plenary faith supplemented by her love with all the flowers of the world that explode in a shining bloom of hope. Her talent as an expressionist is found within her ability to articulate and recapture the textures of reality in its idiosyncratic vocabularies and verbal imagery. Yahminah has aligned her vision to the forefront of social activism and holistic transformation of our complete selves and believes that, “nothing is impossible if you dare to  Reach!”

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