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Peace and Blessings PHAMLI

Life is such a precious gift that each of us are given to mold according to the desires of hearts...Using what you learn from the experiences you have, improves the quality of the life you live. Nothing short of amazing is what you can be when you truly trust the process and embrace who you become through them.

And as the universe would have it, I remain on sabbatical, nestled into a sacredly safe and special place. I'm taking some much needed time to heal, rest, relax, be restored, recalibrate, refocus and be rejuvenated as I prepare for the next stages of my journey! God has truly been doing a work IN, through and around me and my life will never be the same...but I believe that it isn't supposed to be.

...While behind the scenes in the stages of my life I've been challenged in ways that I could not have imagined, but I'm grateful for it all...I discovered strength that I did not know I had, divine tools that were unused and ready to be put to work and the sweetest peace that could calm any storm...In this space I have found prayer, meditation and mindfulness to be fortifying, necessary and healing... 

In this season my wings rest comfortably on the sills of this shift that has led me through valleys and mountain peaks, filled notebooks and countless hours of exponential growth birthed from reflection.

I am forever thankful to God for life as I have known it and the beauty of the seasons that I have been blessed to see. I am grateful for all of the love, prayers and positive energy from those that have supported me and my endeavors over the years and every and for the character building experiences that help me to become the best version of myself.

Please know that there is nothing in your life that "just happens" as IT all (no matter what it is) is apart of the journey. Be encouraged no matter where you are in your process and never stop reaching for greater spaces internally and externally.  May you be blessed in all you do and may you cherish every moment of your life and the blessings therein! Indeed

Until we meet again...

 May Peace be unto you!
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